A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

"DEREQUISITION" is a game of ancient archeology, lost alien civilization, and mysterious purpose built in Unity for the Oculus VR Headset. 

We designed the gameplay to be procedural and task based, something we noted to be a strength of Charles Rivers Analytics' open source VIRTUOSO  SDK. The player is an interplanetary archeologist who has stumbled into an old alien burial chamber and is now trapped. To escape, the player must use the tools and clues at his disposal and find a way out, uncovering the secrets of the chamber along the way. 

The XR-Terrestrials who developed this are: 

  • Chaya Kutty - Game Developer, Tools Programmer
  • Dave Mills - Game Developer, Physics Programmer
  • Jerry Lam - Game Developer, XR Rig Engineer, Physics Programmer
  • Sean Fudenna - Game Designer, Story Designer, UI Designer/Animator, Concept Artist
  • Li Pan - Game Designer, Sound Engineer, SFX Designer, 3D Animator, Technical Artist
  • Daniela Friedson-Trujillo - Game Designer, SFX Designer, 3D Modeler/Texture Artist, UX Artist

To play: 
Use  joystick on Oculus controller to press "Start" button in Main Menu, as well as teleport/snap turn throughout the scene
Use trigger button to Oculus controller to initiate any other interactions


Install instructions

Download .exe file and run. Play with Oculus VR headset 




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no apk tho?